Andrea & Laurent | une histoire d’amour dans une forêt enchantée

As today is one of our #crazymondays I will share with you the beautiful wedding of Andrea and Laurent that took place on the 3rd of September of 2016.

Coming from Lausanne, this couple and their guests celebrated the love in a place full of mystery, romance, and warmth.

They exchanged eternal words with the presence of those who filled their hearts and celebrated until the next day on that sunny summer day.

Attentive and careful with their family and friends, Andrea and Laurent did not miss having fun with some traditional games, especially personalized for their day.

All details were purposely designed to be in full symbiosis with nature.

It was a day so beautiful and so unique, that even if I’ll give you a million words, it wouldn’t describe it in perfection.

I hope you enjoy these lovely images.


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