Destination wedding in Portugal?! We answer your questions!

Are you beginning to consider your destination wedding in Portugal? We understand that you might be grappling with various queries at this point. We’ve had the privilege of being behind the scenes of destination weddings in Portugal before, and we’re familiar with the concerns you’re likely to have, along with their solutions. For this reason, we’ve put together a quick reference guide today to assist you with some of the potential questions you may be having.

WHAT SHOULD YOU DO FIRST? Especially if you’re residing in another country, the crucial initial step, which is probably already apparent to you, involves enlisting the support of a wedding planning team. Following that, the primary matter to address is securing the venue for your destination wedding. Once this is settled, along with a confirmed date, you can then proceed to book other vendors, allowing them to confirm their availability. This decision carries significant weight, as the venue should align with all your specifications. However, with our assistance, we assure you it’ll be a well-guided choice!

WHAT IF THE WEATHER IS UNCOOPERATIVE? While we can’t control the weather, we can guarantee that regardless of rain or wind, your Destination Wedding in Portugal will be a triumph. That’s why it’s essential to prearrange an alternative indoor plan that you’re equally content with, ensuring everyone continues to have a wonderful time.

WHERE IN PORTUGAL SHOULD YOU HOLD YOUR DESTINATION WEDDING? We comprehend that this is a challenging decision, given the captivating allure of our country from North to South. If you’re seeking a more urban experience with the opulence of a 5-star hotel, Porto and Lisbon are your go-to options. If a natural and rustic ambiance resonates with you, the enchanting Douro Valley is worth exploring. Conversely, if envisioning your destination wedding by the seaside appeals to you, the idyllic Algarve beaches await!

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