How to find the perfect venue for your destination wedding in Portugal?!

If you are in the United States and you are going to have your destination wedding in Portugal, not even the best binoculars will help you to reduce the distance!
That’s why you’re going to hire a wedding planner to help you with this whole process, including looking for the venue that best matches your expectations!
And how do we manage to do it? Read the article to the end to find out!

-I’m sure you’ve already created a Pinterest board with everything you like! Pass all this information to us. Tell us if you prefer a palace or a farm with outdoor space, if you are looking for a more modern venue or if something classic is more your style. All details are important!
-Talk to us about your guests’ expectations of accommodation. Will you want accommodation in the venue itself or a hotel relatively close by and provide transport? Think about what would be most comfortable for everyone, you don’t want that grumpy uncle, because he had to wake up early to get to the ceremony on time.
-Last but not least, tell us which part of the country you are most passionate about. Are you more of nature and can’t imagine anything better than getting married in the Douro Valley or are you more of a fan of big cities and the center of Porto is more for you?

Have we left you with too many questions? Don’t worry, then the work is all on our side and we’ll find the venue that will leave you speechless!

Just contact us using our form!

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