How to start the ceremony of your destiantion wedding!

Do you want to spend the day of your destination wedding worrying about whether everything will go according to plan or do you prefer to relax and enjoy every second of this day?
You certainly prefer the second option!

There are several things to keep in mind during this day and our wedding planners are ready to attack it on all fronts!

Just until the ceremony begins, there are lot of details to be taken care of by parts of our team.

Do you want to know which ones?

1 – Talk to the priest/celebrant- It is important to ensure that whoever is going to celebrate the ceremony, whether religious, symbolic, or civil, is aware of all the moments that are happening.

2 – Briefings- It is important to do a team briefing to ensure that they know all the crucial details before the ceremony starts and that each element knows what their role is.

3 – Reserve seats – You will definitely want your closest family and the participants of your entrance procession to be seated in the seats at the front. Our team will make sure everyone has a reserved seat.

4 – Recognition – Making a reconnaissance of the place is essential to know every corner and all the points that may be important.

5 – Sound-check – The orchestra and/or choir must warm up the voices and tune the instruments so that everything sounds harmonious!

6 – Receiving the guests – When the guests arrive you don’t want them to be clueless without knowing where to go. We guarantee that they know exactly where to go and that they feel welcome.

7 – Organize the procession – We have reached the last point, the entrance procession. Have you ever thought about the place that every bridesmaid or your mother should have? Our team knows exactly what position each one should occupy.

Phew, everything is ready to start the ceremony! Did it seem like a lot for a short period?
For our wedding planners, everything is automatic and they know exactly what to do at every moment!
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