How do we guarantee you will be relaxed through all the planning process of your destination wedding?!

It takes experience and attention to detail to plan a destination wedding in Portugal, therefore we are confident that you will want to hire a wedding planning company to handle this responsibility.

However, it’s crucial that you be aware of all decisions you make and that all the information you want gets you promptly and readily if you want to enjoy this stage of your life in peace.

Because of this, Mary Me has created an internal app that gives us access to all of the details on each of our couples at a glance.

Impeccable Organization: With all the information concentrated in one application, planning management seems much simpler. In this way your wedding planner can access all information much faster and consequently you will have answers to your questions at lightning speed!

You will always have all the information you need: You can always stay on top of your budget by logging all the planned progress in our program. You’ll be able to make more deliberate judgments and continuously monitor the development.

There will be no forgetting: Even though our wedding planners are meticulous about every little detail, we still don’t have the memory of an elephant. By having all the information in one place on our application, we can make sure that not even the tiniest item will slip our minds.

Do you agree with the way we conduct business? then contact us by filling out our form!



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