The secret for Destination wedding in Portugall? Have a team coordinating!

Coordinating a destination wedding in Portugal is undoubtedly not an easy task.
There are several things you should be aware of and with the concern that everything goes as planned, you end up not having fun or enjoying this day as you should.
Therefore, for MARY ME, it is essential to be present at the weddings that we have planned and even those that we have not planned, we can only help with the management of this day.
With this in mind, today we show you a little bit of how we can help you during the course of your destination wedding day:

1 – Making decisions: Sometimes, on the day of your destination, it may be necessary to make some decisions to correct any possible unforeseen. For example, the service is late and the number of hours the babysitters had been hired is coming to an end, but you and your guests still go for dessert. Our wedding planners pay attention to these details and communicate with you to let you know and make the decision to extend the service.

2 – Supplier management: On this day you will certainly have several suppliers to control. Our wedding planners ensure that everyone is on top of the defined timetable and that they know exactly where they need to be at all times. For example, if there’s going to be a speech by your best friend during dinner, we’ll be in the know and communicate with the photo and video team so they don’t miss the moment!

3 – Support: We know that you will have a lot of emotions to manage and that it is difficult to control what is around you. That’s why we’re also here to support you directly. For example, are you afraid that your dress won’t look right in the photos? The watchful eye of our wedding planners will not allow that to happen!

Does your day only make sense with this help of a team coordinating? Then contact us using our form.

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