Why should Porto be the scenery for your Destination Wedding in Portugal?!

You’ve already decided that you want to celebrate your Destination Wedding in Portugal, but you still don’t know exactly in which city.

If you are looking for an urban environment with history but also some tranquility, then the city of Porto is undoubtedly a great option for you and your guests!


YOU WILL FALL IN LOVE WITH THE CITY: This city has a lot of soul and is full of traditions! Make the most of your days here to explore Portuguese culture to the fullest. From a tram ride through the city center to a boat trip on the Douro River. For lovers of good wine, a visit to the Port wine cellars is undoubtedly the icing on the cake!

YOU WILL HAVE SEVERAL VENUE OPTIONS: If you are wondering if you can find the ideal venue for your destination wedding in the center of a city, then the answer is yes! In Porto, you can find from beautiful historical palaces to luxurious 5-star hotels!

YOU WILL FEEL LIKE YOU ARE AT HOME: If you are looking to get married in the city but at the same time want a welcoming atmosphere, this is the perfect city for you. Being the second largest city in the country, Porto has everything you could need, and at the same time the people are friendly, and the city’s atmosphere is relaxed ideal for you and your guests to have a good time!

Have you surrendered to this city yet? Then get in touch with us through our form so we can start planning your days here!

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